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A ridiculous person who conforms to a stupid fashion trend and attitude that basically consists of jeans and shirts that are far too tight for either the male or female body and looks like utter crap. Girls like to wear ballet tutus over their jeans, long hair extensions, hello kitty necklaces and neon coloured eyeshadow all the way to their eyebrows. Boys tend to wear girl clothing and flat iron their hair, or otherwise manage to make themselves look like a flaming faggot. This all comes with a large dose of egotistical personality. They often proclaim things like, "I'm so fucking hardcore." "You don't know me, so don't act like you do." "I'm fucking amazing. You WISH you knew me."

Most or all of scene kids have a MySpace and add strangers just so they can boast about their "25k" or higher friend count. Apparently, this makes them look popular. They also text obsessively and wear far too much make up. It doesn't matter if they have terrible complexion, because it always looks perfect in their photographs since they enlist the help of a digital plastic surgeon. Unfortunately I'm one of them. PhotoShop does wonders.

Scene kids are basically emo kids, but instead of being depressed and asocial, they're completely the opposite and tend to be pretentious twats.
Me: Dude, a whole bunch of scene kids added me to their friends list just so I could Shop their shitty photos.
Friend: Sucks to be you, man.
by paperxrubies July 08, 2009
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