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Term for the nerds who are followers of the pop culture series Doctor Who. May sport various Doctor Who relater swag such as T-shirts, Sonic Screwdrivers, and may wear some of the Doctors famous clothing attire like a scarf or fancy old Converses and maybe even a Fez.
guy#1: Hey man, i'm going out to the club; wanna go?

guy#2: No thanks, was going to watch a Doctor Who marathon and maybe eat fish custard.

guy#1 Damn Wholigans! Have fun playing with your Sonic Screwdriver!
by pants are optional November 11, 2010
The element in which all douche bags, bros, Guido’s, and meatheads feed on and excrete; known to smell of tag, fresh Tap Out shirts, Nattie Ice, and fist pump sweat; prolong exposure to Douchanium may cause “Douchanium poisoning”.
You: “Coming to Buffalo Wild Wing’s was nice, but man I feel weird. I’m suddenly getting a headache and an urge to fake tan, pop more than one collar, and fist pump…”

Friend: “No, man, that’s just because the Douchanium around here is off the charts!!! We better get going before you are exposed to more Douchanium poisoning.”
by pants are optional July 24, 2010

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