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One of the thirteen members of the music group Super Junior; said to have one of the best vocals in the group. Yesung, his stage name, stands for 'artful voice.' He is a man who has been misunderstood for his weird actions, such as touching philtrums and failing all over the place, but that is in the past. His members love him and he loves them back, along with all his fans who notice him for his passionate singing, friendliness, and general adorableness. Though he is a bit of a camera whore, it is for the entertainment of his fans, and who isn't a camera whore sometimes. His dancing is also extraordinarily cute and hilarious; your life will not be complete without it.
You can tell that Yesung sings with all his heart. He loves his family, Super Junior, his pets, and his many fans dearly, and of course they love him back. When he's in a good mood, he will definitely dance like it.
by pandamonium427 January 19, 2012

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