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Stands for Conversation Cut-off(CON in conversation, CUT in cut-off). When girls tend to cut off the conversation by giving a response that is very crappy (the response is a concut). Once they say it, they leave you speechless, making the conversation cut off. They may do this because they may A) not want to talk, B) wanna sound cool, C) have this bad habit that guys think of them badly when they say it, or D) are too occupied to talk. Guys think concuts are pretty annoying but girls don't know that. Now, guys can use this word to make a girl stop using concuts.
Below all the words the girl says are all Examples of concuts.
Guy: Yeah, and my mom was being so funny like a bunny.
Girl: Okay...?
Guy: But i have a lot of homework too.
Girl: mhm.
Guy: Hey lets watch that new movie with some friends!
Girl: lol. <---doesnt respond after that
Guy: Are you mad at me?
Girl: uh. <---still doesnt respond after that
Guy: so like yeah?
Girl: -_-
Girl (new convo): Hey
Guy: Sorry i was skating.
Girl: no. <--doesn't even make sense.
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
Zord is like the empasis of making something more elite than it is. It is similar to the word "zors" also. It is actually a suffix such as zors. The meaning is very similar except zord is a unique word because it is like the show power rangers.

The way this came out is that one's user name named PandaBoyx kept saying Zors while his friend started saying "WOW its like zord from power rangers!" ever since, they all started saying zord. Similar as "z0rs", you may also use the suffix "z0rd".
Panda: Wowz0rd, what do you want your ventrilo admin name to be?
Panda: HAHA, alright ill make hinson ballzord.
Kelvin: THEN WE CAN FORM THE c0ckz0rd!!!
Kelvin: You there? hey answar phaggazord. (online games dont allow swear)
Panda: you know you can just say faggazord? only gunbound doesnt let you say fag and we're on gunz. noobz0rd
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
suggested by a guy named hinson, wanted to make a person version of concut. See Concut. It is when a girl uses one word to end the conversation. Many girls tend to do this, they are called cuntnoyers. Due to being a cunt for cutting off the conversation, also annoying the crap out of a person when they're trying to talk. Also putting question marks behind the concut makes the cuntnoyer an extreme cuntnoyer.
Guy: hey! long time no talk.
Girl: uh..? <--extreme cuntnoyer
Guy: so watsup
Girl: nothing? *nothing is the concut*
Guy: what are you taking for classes?
Girl: stuff.
Guy: wanna stop being such a cuntnoyer?
Girl: what....................? <---notice the amount of dots.
Guy: look it up on UD
Girl: you're cool. *small phrase that is still a concut*
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
this phrase is actually an acronym. its a combined acronym with another at the end. such as "rofl". people then started adding copter at the end. "soul" is added to the acronym "stfu". its origin came from a boy named Soul`1k on counter-strike. people didn't really like him so they all just said stfu soul. so now people commonly use it to make fool of someone when they are talking
Kelvin: hey, so did i tell you
Arnold: No you didn't now stfu soul.
Kelvin: LOL WTF
by pandaboyx June 21, 2009
when you dont give a damn about anything and you say all this crap that offends people but is pretty funny to other people and sometimes funny to the people that get laughed at. Says random things out of nowhere and interrupts conversations to say random funny things.
Panda: so like i was like going like to this like--
Kelvin: LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE wanna suck my dick already?
Chris/Cameron/Kevin/other tennis ppl: HAHAHAHA
Panda: wow screw you dickface
Kelvin: Let's just have sex now.
Panda: k, imma make a kelvinmak urban dictionary.
Kelvin: can i just slice my balls off?
Panda: k ill slice it off before i leave *slice*.
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
noun; to be either:

1)a person who steals things from other people and denies it but it is apparently that person
2)talk a lot of stuff about people but denies it
3)be a pussy about things
4)think they're cool when they're not
5)talk like a faggot
6)has eyes of a fish
or 7)goes around to random people and touches them because the person has no friends
EX1) Panda: *steals hinson's backpack*
Hinson: dude give it back man.
Panda: what? i didnt take anything O_o <---gay expression like andy
Hinson: dude stop being an andicao.
EX2) Andy: Adrienne told Panda to beat me up cuz shes a whore so now we aren't best friends anymore, and since Panda likes adrienne, he's gonna do it, but i've been working out in case he jumps me. (btw the stuff he said ISN'T true and is STILL trying to get people to think i did like adrienne when i didnt like her, but he did because he was basically always following her and it was pretty obvious and he used me as cover up. but he did say this)
EX3)Rashid: So are you gonna fight Panda?
Andy: ..... *walks away*
EX4) (no ex.)
EX5)Andy: i didnt O_o <---gay expression AGAIN.
Andy: no? <----Concut
EX6) (i can't show an ex of fish eyes through internet.)
EX7) (no ex.)
by pandaboyx September 22, 2009
always doesnt know whats going on and acts so god damn serious.
Kelvin: LOL *blah blah blah says a joke*
Hinson: that's stupid.
Kelvin: you're stupid.
Panda: LOL YEAH YOU ARE nubsauce.
Hinson: i dont get it.
Panda: which one dick face the nub or the sauce ?
Hinson: the joke kelvin said.
Panda: k w/e imma make a hinsonhui urban dictionary for him cuz this is so funny
Hinson: whats funny?
Panda: wow i'm just gonna leave.
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009

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