2 definitions by paddy mac

1. Bad breath caused by over indulgence in the act of fellatio.

2. The stench of cock on a sluts breath.
Julie was up all night going down on the entire soccer team. She woke up in the morning with a chronic case of helmetosis
by Paddy Mac November 07, 2006
a turn of phrase used by young people that other young people understand that makes absolutely no sense to adults.
kid 1: "I'm trippin balls man"
kid 2: "Whats crackin"
kid 1: "everything was butter til I got the ass at work, now I'm so barren I gotta co-pilot that rave on Sunday"
kid 2: "such a burke"

Translation from youthamism's to real english "Im going crazy" - "whats the problem" - "Welll, everything was fine until I lost my job, now I can't afford any drugs for the party on the weekend" - "haha, sucked in you cunt"
by paddy mac January 21, 2010

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