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2 definitions by paddleduck

An extremely attractive female with a sparkling personality and lovely laugh! Her smile is infectious and she's always the centre of attention, guys follow her around and everyone wants to be her friend. Jemimas have a great sense of style and an even better taste in music, they're also very photogenic. She'll tend to sleep all day and can be a distraction from work but a jemima is the best friend you'll ever have!
Wow jemima looks good :)
by paddleduck February 21, 2011
Jams: the welsh name for james, tend to be sheep lovers with loud personalities and a unsatiable attraction to men. Often found in bars and clubs chatting up women, very sociable with a fondness for alcohol they also tend to be exhibitionists and don't miss a chance to take off their clothes. Jams' make very good, loyal friends who are always there when you need them. Always up for a laugh they're the best kind of guy to play dares with.
Jams do you know that girls name?
Jams do you know that guys name?
Jams i dare you to jump into that river naked!
by paddleduck February 21, 2011