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TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR .the motherfuckin greatest rapper of all times .the 24/7 thuglifer. the best son a mother could ever have .the best Lyricist on this fucking globe .

to this date 2pac's unreleased material is gettin released through amaru records,shows how much he worked hard in the studio. he was representing thug life, he was livin dat shit 24/7 .his music albums laid the foundation of the "real" westcoast what we see now.pac influenced a lot of youngstaz like me.his music was oxygen to them niggaz. thats all i got ta say .2pac still live in our hearts REST IN PEACE my nigga .
"i give a holla 2 my niggaz in da darkest corners,roll a perfect blunt n let me spark it for ya ,one love from a thug nigga rollin wit a posse fulla drug dealers" - 2pac
by packeeper December 13, 2007

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