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an unreasonable torturous device that teachers who dont like their students use to bring them pain and cause them to lose sleep
I was up all night doing that homework... UGH!
by P4|<1574N December 22, 2004
apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions
The deprived child showed indifference towards a better life, for his life was all he knew.
by P4|<1574N November 09, 2004
the process by which one reads about from many different sources, about twenty pages in length each, that have little to do with each other, analyze them and then combine them to find a uniform thesis; advanced bullshitting
oh man, expository writing at Rutgers blows!
these assignments in expository writing are completely ridiculous!
where am I going to use expository writing in real life? oh, right: NOWHERE!
by P4|<1574N November 27, 2005
A representative or example of a class or type
“He is seen... as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual” (Paul Kennedy)
by P4|<1574N November 02, 2004
(1) the basic unit of money in Angola
(2) common misspelling of the "holiday", Kwanzaa
...and how much is that worth in kwanzas?
by P4|<1574N December 25, 2004
A mixture of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and Coca Cola in a ratio of 1:3 respectively. Generally served in 6 oz portions with crushed ice.
Firefighter/EMT 1: hell yeah, it's the fucking inspection day dinner!
FF/EMT 2: shit, I hope the open bar has enough captain and coke to hold us over!
by p4|<1574N January 26, 2008
1. (n) a consumable product that provides sufficient nourishment
2. (n) nutrient(s)
3. (n) FOOD!
so. hungry! need. SUSTENANCE!
by P4|<1574N April 07, 2005

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