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The frivolous act of making ones' self seem more sophisticated, athletic, smarter or generally greater than those around them when in fact the individual is more than likely a giant floppy cock. The transition from being a well-rounded individual to a self-righteous fuck has not only plagued mankind, but perplexed us as well. With an insurmountable and seemingly endless bank of knowledge in all areas and facets of life, the "awesomer" will undoubtedly ear fuck the shit out of you with an array of whimsical allegories which he or she discovered while exploring the vast reaches of their own anus.
Awesomer -"I don't know if you are familiar with fasting, but it is really good for your body. That is why, unlike most people, I fast nearly once a month. It takes a lot of determination and will power, but as I mentioned previously I am not like most people."

Individual fed up with awesomer - "Dude, I couldn't be happier for you. On another note, I started awesomeing today. Yeah, its pretty great. I already gained 50 lbs. of muscles and my dick grew 3 inches. . . in both size and girth!"
by P. Britt April 23, 2010
When one is listening to a Pearl Jam song or is merely reminded of one of their songs, and is unable to get said song and/or Eddie Vedder's voice out of their head. This state can last anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks, depending on which Pearl Jam song it is.

Note: This is also applicable to any song from Temple of the Dog, especially Hunger Strike.
Ex. 1

Broface 1: "Dude, why do you keep humming Evenflow?"

Broseph 2: Playing air guitar in the middle of a crowed department store, "My bad bra, I heard it on the radio earlier today and ever since then I have been Pearl Jammed by it."

Ex. 2

Brobarian 1 : "Anna Nicole's mama said that I won't wanna see Anna fall down again. And the wizard . . ."

Brobot 2: Interrupts " Dude, are you singing the misheard lyrics of Yellow Ledbetter?"

Brobarian 1: “Yeah, it has been Pear Jammed in my head for like 3 1/2 years now. I've been seeking professional council for it."
by P. Britt February 10, 2010
Much like a broseph, a brobarian is equal to that of a bro, dude, man, etc. with the defining characteristics of being a rather large individual, usually quite muscular and strong, and being the friend that typically starts/finishes fights.
Jason: Dude, I wouldn't mess with Patrick if I were you, he's a fucking brobarian of mine.

Andy: Yeah, and what if I do mess with him?

by P. Britt February 10, 2010
The defacement of a U.S. dollar bill by adding a "B" to the beginning and a "r" to the end of the word "one" on the back of said bill. This is preferably done with a Sharpie so as to make the defacement that much more prevalent and noticeable.

Once a bill has been converted into a Boner Buck, it can and should only be used in transactions involving strippers and/or ladies of the street (prostitutes). Any other use of said bill is vehemently frowned upon.
Boys get your Boner Bucks ready, we are hitting up Mons Venus tonight! On a side note - you better bring an arsenal of Boner Bucks if you want a Rusty Tromblumpkin.
by P. Britt September 02, 2010
An uncivilized and savage individual whose idiosyncrasies are cultivated and sustained by the vast consumption of alcohol.
One must be wary when consorting with brewbarians, for they will unscrupulously pillage and plunder any women, provisions, riches and ale that come within their reach. By nature, they are devoid of logic and reason.
You should have seen Patrick this weekend; he went into total brewbarian mode. Not only did he drink his weight in delicious craft beer, but he successfully fought three ne'er-do-wells and wooed their lady folk accordingly.
by P. Britt October 06, 2010
- the act, or result of smoking (particularly in reference to Marijuana).
After a long night of alcoholic-induced gallivanting and merriment, Jason ventured home to partake in some rather elevating smokification.
by P. Britt September 27, 2010
Erratic and nonsensical behavior evoked by the reintroduction of the McRib at McDonalds. Much like the Highlander, there can only be one - McRib.
Rudy: "Dude, the McRib is back! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, my heart is racing so fast!"

Steve: "I would say the 12 McRibs you have eaten over the course of three days is causing that sensation. McRib Mania has hit you hard. By the way, aren't you on some blood thinners or heart medi-"

Rudy *Roundhouse kicks Steve in his word-hole*

"Ba-da-da-da-da I'm loving it!"
by P. Britt November 03, 2010

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