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The certain attire that is common among all milfs from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (from carpool to husband home), consisting of the following:

-black boot cut work out pants (from either Gap Body, Nike or Adiddas)*
-some sort of puffer jacket (usually Juicy, Northface, or Patagonia)
-tennis shoes of any sort (but usually very expensive in comparison to the level of actual activity or sport participation)
*may or may not contain a tennis skirt over the pants.

PLEASE note: In warmer months, the pants are replaced with a pair of Nike or addidas running shorts or yoga shorts, and of course puffer jacket is removed and replaced with a t-shirt of workout shirt highlighting the perkiness of newly lifted breasts.

PLEASE ALSO note: Juicy is no longer acceptable among the true Milfs.
Dude 1: "Does Macy's have a Milf Section?"
Dude 2: "This place is crawling with Milfnation all wearing the same milf uniform!!!"

by p browning February 02, 2008

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