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People through their awful personalities or homeliness who make a conscious decision to become bisexual, thereby doubling potential sexual partners yet still remain unfuckable to everyone.
Despite his fame and fortune JJ Redick is one lonely
by P Bergin November 22, 2007
when cleaning up after a big night all found half drunk beers or full open beers are Skrzek's.
Fucking found atleast 13 Skrzeks in the morning what a
by p bergin March 21, 2008
When someone nefarious does something shamelessly obvious to improve their image.
Sarah Palin claims to have gay friends, pretty sure she is just holding a puppy on that one.

Stephen Harper's blue sweater, why not just wear a puppy? He's obviously holding one.

Why wasn't Kobe's wife literally holding a puppy at the 'i cheated didn't rape' press conference?

Eliot Spiltzer's wife at the press conference is the most insincere holding of a puppy ever.

Elin Nordegren refused to hold a puppy at Tiger Wood's press conference.
by P Bergin June 04, 2010
Acronym for "she has to be responsible for birth control" the acronym is often used when arranging the sex using text based messaging.
Master Shake: Hang on! Send Dusty Gozongas over here, immediately! Wait wait wait wait. Tell her I love her...but that I'm a man and I gotta be free so she's gotta be responsible for birth control. Daddy's gettin' some pudding tonight!

Incoming text: Yo Gurl, Cum over we's drinking SH2BR4BC

The court voids all future child support payments and sides with the defendant as he clearly stated the rules of coupling with a text messaging declaring SH2BR4BC
by p bergin January 18, 2012

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