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The absolute coolest way to play the piano. First comes piano, then electric synth, than keytar. 6-year olds complaining about not liking piano lessons: Don't worry you'll be grateful in the future.
My Korg RK-100 keytar is off the hook and all because of the piano lessons I took from the ages of 5 to 13.
by Ozone August 07, 2004
Any person who goes to Landon, from ages 8-17, is intelligent, atheletic, and guarenteed to get laid some day.
Prep guy: Check out that landon guy he sux
20 years later an employee at Mcdonald's said...
Same guy: Man I wish i went to Landon
by Ozone August 07, 2004
A huge waste of American money where big headed dead republican Ronald reagan's 200 pound body was brought from California to DC for three days, they had a corny Christian funeral (where many had a chance to shoot George W. Bush) then brought back to CA where they did the same thing and then he was buried and sent to hell.
My mother was watching the Reagan funeral all week and I missed South Park!
by Ozone June 15, 2004
Where all the people who defined school as hell go.
"School is terrible" 20 years lada... My life sux I work at Mcdonalds
by Ozone May 06, 2004
One who plays the electric keyboard, who can imitate any sound, give atmosphere to any music, and stays in one place (unless using a keytar), so is easily crowded by girls.
The guitarist of the band left the stage in anger after seeing the keyboardist ripping his solo with seventeen girls around him.
by Ozone February 13, 2005
The most often subject discussed on internet forums, usually by people who want to seem cool but sadly have nothing better to do.
Yah my girlfriend and i got soooo high and went to some concert i hav no idea what it was but anyway i gotta go i think my mom...i mean my grrlfriend iz calling me.
by Ozone March 31, 2006
Undisputedly the most popular form of art for 120 years. It combined cultures from all around the world in America during the time of slavery and the influx of immigrants. Revolutions and renniscanses included the Swing era in New Orleans (1920s-1940s) The Bop era in New York (1950s-1970s) and Soul &Blues in Western USA (1930s-1980s) and the electric era frfom then on. Combined with Classical music, It created rock and hip-hop, which further evolved in the 1950s and 70s, respectively.
Jazz is known as American music, and is the father of popular music today.
by Ozone August 31, 2004

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