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A slow, tired and usually involuntary fart continually emitted by sphincters of the clientèle of the Cherry Orchard in Chester. Such yawns are commonly encountered after a plate of egg mayonnaise sandwiches and mini pork pies has been circulated.
"Jesus H Christ, is there a body under the floor boards in here? That smell is enough to choke a dung fly."

"that'll be john, he's just had a bum yawn"
#fart #chester #yawn #bum #farticle
by original jimster June 30, 2009
a fruity alcoholic beverage favoured by shirt-lifters. Malibu or tia maria or some fudge-packer drink like that.
"ooooh quentin, shall we have a swift half?"
"oooh no barry, beer gives my fragile feminine stomach terrible upsets, lets just have a malibu eh?"
"hmmm me too. Two shots of bum rum, barman"
#queer beer #malipoo #shandy #cum rum #bum cum.
by original jimster June 30, 2009
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