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What to avoid in prison.
After dropping my soap, I just let it be so as not to incite an anal rampage.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
1) The softest, tastiest, most tender cut of chicken.
2) The softest, tastiest, most tender part on a woman.
3) Where milk comes from.
Those breasts are making my mouth water!
by Oprah February 21, 2003
To banish a roomate from the room/dorm/apartment for the purpose of engaging in intimate relations with one's significant other/sex partner.
My roomate is gonna sexile me on Valentine's Day so that he and Yolanda can have their hot monkey sex in our room.
by Oprah February 25, 2003
The bald madman on daily TV whose idea of therapy involves yelling at those who seek his guidance. Was at one time Oprah's bitch, but he now has his own show and thinks he's too good for her sexy ass.
Whenever people ask me for advice, I simply apply what I've learned from Dr. Phil: I yell at them and tell them how stupid and lazy they are and how all of their problems are their fault.
by Oprah March 11, 2003
Very wild sexual intercourse that may or may not involve the use of monkeys.
After the annual Barn Dance, Joe-Bob and Mary-Joe had hot monkey sex in the stable, waking up all the animals in the process.
by Oprah February 25, 2003
The most important drug EVER made. Prevents women from getting pregnant without stripping the fun from sex.
Now that my girl's on the pill I can enjoy sex again.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
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