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So you wanna know what a beaner is? Okay, well why not have an intellectual 'beaner' explain it to you? Yeah, pedasos de mierda con patas, I'll fucking tell your asses. Okay a beaner is a mexican that has gotten sick of his country (yes Mexicans are originally from mexico), and so in the process has tried to move from his country to one that actually has jobs. See the thing is that their government has been extremly corrupted, except they had nothing good to take away in the first place, unlike us. So- anyways they try and come over here in an attempt to mak themselves better people. When they get over here a huge wave of ignorance (that's you) meets them. Believe it or not Mexicans don't leave entire families just to come to the "great america" where every1 is rude and a little bit rascist. No they generally attempt it so that they can provide food and and care for the family back in Mexico.the only reason their don't follow the legal immigration process (I know u ppl with the brains were thinking) is that for that to happen they have to wait up to 2 yrs b4 they're even acknowledged as potential u.s. citizens (i.e. Remember when I said the government was a little corrupt, I digress).
Just look at me, I am a beaner. well 75% of me anyways.
by ontherightedge May 15, 2008

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