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yes she is a character of her own. being on time keeping time the word time is not in her vocabulary she has ealisa time.she is a loyal friend only has a few loyal friends who have adopted her. ealisa is one of a kind lady, a couger in training who is a quick study. she comes from a small town. she reminds you of a janis joplin if she was alive today, love, peace, and harmony.but she will tell you how it is , and can be a little cocky. yes she can and will try to back it up. anyways on a sunny blue sky day if you look up into that nice wonderful day and see an eagle soaring mid-high in the sky and look at it with awe, the ewww weee splat you got hit with that eagles shit then you will know it was that ealisa shitin on you like you have done to her.
ealisa is a free spirit person... hippie some say... eagle is her nature in the after life
by one who won't get crapped on September 18, 2011

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