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most scene kids are basically kids that have turned from the emo path to that of the hardcore music scene. they go from listining to fake emo bands like taking back sunday, to truly hardcore bands like bane, death before dishonor, and really any other hXc band that are from boston, or local that they think is cool. they originally started being truly different from the hardcore scene until more ppl started joining their little wanna-be hardcore scene, until it enveloped part or all of a local scene. they started being non-conformists till everyone in their scene and the scenes across the country started to look the same. everything is tight, although b/f they came it mostly was. most shirts are very emo-esque, with a mix of h.s. and middle school/thrift shop/fake vintage shirts.they wear make-up, gender matters not. they take millions of pics at crazy angles. they cut their own hair in a choppy shag fashion and dye it crazily, and take care of it for hours. it is very easy to tell a scene kid from someone who is truly hardcore; it is very sad the state the current scene is in.
(gender=either)wears tight girl jeans, tight rolling stones vintage t-shirt, crazy style and color hair that took hours to do, cig in mouth, says stuff like "yo nig", and most of the pictures related with the definition.(esp. the blonde scene dude w/blue eyeliner)
by one for the boys September 15, 2005

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