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1. Abnormal alterness, Crazy and different. 2. A state of consciousness resembling a deep lack of sleep.
She claims that methargy is an inherited condition for which she blames her bumptious behavior and lack of sleep. We think it's the crystal meth she snorts everyday...
by Olli Kopek September 25, 2010
The process by which phat filled wax converts sonic coincidence into dance-sick stomping grounds in orgasmic compounds, and known to dehydrate carbon-based lifeforms while accompanied by simultaneous release of "Oh!" and "Again!".
She was a Freshman minoring in Biology before she attended her first rave, where she claims to have experienced Phonosynthesis from the DJ's records. Enamored by the beauty of Vinyl, she transferred to Old School and changed her Major to PLUR-ology with a minor in Cut-n-a-Rug.
by olli kopek October 03, 2010
Phonographic / Vinyl reconnaissance, esp. for dancefloors, designed for dropping dirty beats instead of dirty bombs.
His phonoreconnaissance skills show through his turntablism and ability to shake booty as if it's his birthright.
by olli kopek October 03, 2010
The surface of a phonograph, esp. of your favorite record.
When he spins records, he tends to get lost in his own phonosphere.
by olli kopek September 25, 2010
Mythomania = Excessive propensity for lying or exaggerating.

Methomania = Unimpressive intensity for slying and aggravating.
Her personality is already cumbersome due an undeniable tendency towards mythomania; moreover, whenever she tweaks out on crystal meth, her methomania takes over and makes her completely intolerable.

methargy methargic
by olli kopek October 03, 2010
Although first popularized as a tribute to the end of the work week, with "F" standing for Friday, this term has since been redefined by the self-proclaimed "Gayest Straight Man in North America" as meaning "Thank God I'm Fabulous!"
He is one of the few people who deserves his own acronym; T.G.I.F. truly captures the vivacious nature of his absolutely fabulous life.
by olli kopek October 03, 2010
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