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look guys whats all the hatin about man! serbian, bosnian, croat we're all the same shit! im serbian and proud of it but i dont discriminate others! i mean its just stupid how the people all hate each other cuz of politics. fuck politics man! we're all people and we all used to live in the same country once and now we dont but that shouldnt make us hate each other. serbia consists of mostly serbs but also bosnians and croats. serbia is a beautiful, full w/ fine babies and crazy country. biggest sport in serbia: basketball. a little corupt, yes, but lotsa love for serbia man.
"wait which country won the most basketball championships in the world?"
"i believe it was serbia(yugoslavia)"

"ok...but which country was the one w/ the horrible civil war?"

"and the crazy ass milosevic is serbian right?"
"yeh thats correct"

"and the women...?"
"the women, my friend, are the highlight of serbia"
by oleg December 23, 2003
listen bitches! my names oleg and the penis size? yeh! itl fuckin poke ur eye out! im serbian w/ a russian name, its JUST A NAME u ignorant bafoons! it actually means SACRED in slavic, so u can go right ahead and lick on both my balls, i will need two of u on my left one though.
oleg blohin: football player, oleg (the ice skater), oleg (the kick boxer) , oleg (volleyball player?.... i can go on.
by oleg December 23, 2003

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