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a black person from the ghetto or projects not your token black. someone who is not where there SPODA be.
ain't SPODA be here. wees gotta get outa town before the sun goes down
by ol dirty May 03, 2007
To leave a big sitnkin shit. Leave a no.2. Drop a deuce. With style of course.
I love it when ya call me Deuce Droppa! The toilet clogga! The drain stoppa! Sung to the words of Biggies "Big Papa".
by ol dirty May 03, 2007
Kind Bud. Good weed, light to medium green, crystals, red or orange hairs, well cured. No seeds. Usually has a very piney-skunky smell. Most often Northern Lights or a NL hybrid. Not to be confused with "Da Kine" which is a Hawaiian Pidgin term that can mean anything. This term is mostly used in suburban Maryland and DC. I haven't heard it used anywhere else, except NOVA. Sells for 35-75 per eighth. Maybe I'm getting old but every I hear the term "Headies" it makes me cringe.
Hey man what's shakin. I got some KB tonight come thru and check it out.
by ol dirty May 03, 2007
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