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My personal definition of an Atheist goes a bit like this:
(oh and i'll be covering some other stuff too)

1) The whole "were smug assholes for celebrating X-mas/Hanukkah even though we don't believe in the whole "Religion" thing" is, in my case because i like to give and receive. In other words, giving shouldn't be exclusive towards Religions.

2) I like to live in the now, i don't want to have a boring life just because there's a chance that i may or may not go to "said" afterlife.

3) I like to think about things in a new perspective, not bound to an ancient set of rules.

4) I think it's ridiculous how certain Religions are automatically bias against certain groups of people (Gays or others)

5) So yah my definition of an Atheist is, a person who doesn't believe in an afterlife, lives in the now, is a free thinker, isn't bound to a predetermined set of rules, and can except change and diversity.
Atheist talking to 14 year old boy
Dude1: god this game is so gayyy!!!
Dude2: its homosexual?
Dude1: shut up dude its stupid!!!
Dude2: so gay is a synonym for stupid?
Dude1: no i just-
Dude2: you just what?
Dude1: i have no idea
by oklahomie1 June 21, 2010

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