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1 definition by oioioioioioioioiOI

Brett Swinton-Bland, is amazaing.

Because he is dyslexic yet he has the IQ within the top 5% population within the United Kingdom.

Because he needs to have an operation on his knee which will impact his medical assesment for his desired job yet hes still striving for his dream career.

Because hes so genuine and a laugh to be around.

Because he gives vaseline to the needy.

Because hes modest when people compliment him he denies it.

Because he is Welsh.

Because he has good taste in music and good fashion sense.

Because he is a good leader and someone you can rely on.

Because he is always there for people who need someone to talk to.

Because hes such a cutie, the things he says can make girls blush.

Because he can disguinish a blind man from a terrorist.

Because he can act gay but can get out of it by saying "no homo".

Thats why you are amazing :)

More to be added ;)
Yeah I know isnt he just amazaing! <3
by oioioioioioioioiOI December 13, 2010