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a person who...
is either in the highest band or cried when they didn't make the highest band
goes to the band room at least 4 times a day (before school, band, during lunch, and after school. Sometimes they go there for no reason other than it's a habit and they feel better in the band room than any other place at school)
doesn't talk to non band people, much less date non band people because they can't function in a socially acceptable way according to the rest of the school
has the maturity level of a 5 year old, or maybe a 7 year old on good days
enjoys nerf guns (bring your nerf gun to pit day <3), light sabers, and capes
willingly spends 9 hours a day outside playing the same four songs over and over and learning how to walk
calls their drum majors and directors mommy/daddy to their faces
is very touchy
happily gives up their lunch 3 times a week for band related things
loves their section unless there is a solo/it is close to auditions
is scarily smart but uses their smartness in a funny way
is involved in every band thing possible
hangs out with band kids on the weekends and spends most of the time talking about specific measure numbers of the songs they are working on
finds ways to incorporate band/marching band into school presentations
embraces the fact that marching band/band is called a cult because it is a cult and they love it and can't image their lives without it
20 minutes before school starts...

'normal' kid: hey. I'm tired. I hate life.

'normal' kid: hey. Me too. School sucks

band geek: *walks into band room, gets shot by nerf gun* Oh hey guys! So I was practicing last night and at measure 47...
by oh bo play that oboe November 06, 2011

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