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Fantastic movie!!!!! One of the greatest you will ever see!!!! EXCELLENT!!! HALRIOUS!!! TERRIFIC!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the opening with those stoners
Super troopers:
After three guys smoke weed in their car and discuss owning a beach resort. Officers pull them over;

Officer approaches car: Liscense and registration
Guy1: Officer I know that-
Officer: Lisence and registration please
*guy gives him the liscense*
Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?
Guy: s..s..sixty five?
Officer: Sixty three
Guy: Officer isnt the speed limit sixty five?
Officer: Yeah. It is. *pause* Where are you boys headed?
Guy:... Canada, we are going over the border for some burgers and gravy sir. Protein.
Officer: Canda huh? Almost made it.
*Third guy in the back mades a fanny sound. Officer looks at him and turns back to guy number 1*
Officer: Are you ok?
Guy: Yeah, sure.
Officer: Yes sir?
Guy: Yes sir.
Officer: But did you say 'yes sir'?
Second officer: I think he said 'yeah, sure'
Guy: Well I said yeah sure (mumbles) what-I- I literally what I said was 'yeah sure', sir.
Officer: So you are okay then right?
Guy:: *in a fearful voice* Yes sir.
by officer farva April 28, 2007

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