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Duh is an exclamation denoting
room-temperature IQ. It originated in Archie comics, in which there was a stereotypically big, blond, dumb, athlete named Moose. It was said that his brain was in his big toe, implying that the only thing he was good for was kicking a football.

Everything (and I mean everything) that came out of his mouth was prefaced with "Duh!" which demonstrated that he was a complete dolt.

"Duh! Jughead! Stay away from my girl Madge!"
by obsidian butterfly March 29, 2009
Leroy Jenkins was a televanglelist in the late 1970's (along the lines of Jimmy Swaggart). Went to jail for tax evasion or something. Look up Leroy Jenkins (televangelist) on Wikipedia for more info.
Leroy Jenkins is an American televangelist who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
by obsidian butterfly March 29, 2009
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