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Some of the biggest punks and morons live here. They have managed to ruin what was once a great small town and turn it into a cesspool of coporate criminals(this is refered to as "working hard".) Stay away from the north, the absolute worst area. And avoid the, rich, snotty, moronic kids with no respect. or which ever part of the rich side of Toronto where they came from.

Missisauga kid: Man, I wish I lived in Oakville, but I don't, so I'll just diss it and pretend I'm glad I don't live there.
Oakville kid: Shut up and get a life.

(This is an example of what a stupid bubble kid with no concept of reality would write.)

I know all this because I live here, and I cannot wait to get the hell out.
"Oakville." kid: I wanna be rich like Conrad Black someday!
Toronto Kid: Get Lost.
Hamilton Kid: Get a job and contribute to society for once in your life.

This is a typical conversation with a Oakville kid

by oakville still blows chunks April 09, 2009

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