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The act of being extremely fly, doing unexpected/extraordinary things. Going above and beyond, balling out of control. Doing it cars real big, house real big is having an excessive amount of panache. Doing it bigger than anyone already has.
OC, Last weekend I was with my boy Juicy J; he brought down seven girls for the two of us, and ten bottles for the night; everytime he throws it down, he's doin' it cars real big, house real big.

We be doin it cars real big, house real big, know what I'm saying? I just put that 52" flat screen on lock, got five kegs on their way, hired 10 strippers, and rented out the prezidential suite baby!
by oC PreZidential December 25, 2005
Of course-used in everyday language as an insignificant article, it has gradually lost any meaning whatsoever. Often used as an interjection or simply for flow, but only at the ends or beginnings of sentences. Simply used by itself, it is an expression of excitement.
OC, what are we doing tonight?

OC, I saw that new movie that just came out.

I just got us the hookup for that Vox, OC!

by oC PreZidential December 25, 2005
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