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(Noun)1. A derogatory term for a person who practices Protestentism,a Protestant. The term alludes to the fact that Protestants do not believe in Transubstansiation, a power that they lost after the break with Rome in the Protestant Reformation. Hence, instead of consuming Christ's Body, they in fact consume breadlike "wafers".
1. Fisher is a dirty wafer biter.
2. "Burn him at the stake, he is in fact a wafer biter!"
3. "If you faggots want to get married, go to that wafer-biting First Methodist church down the road!"
by O'Doyle April 09, 2005
n. 20 consecutive farts.
This guy's the master; he pulled off a platinum boy with 20 farts.
by O'Doyle March 24, 2005
what u wake up with in the morning, every morning...your morning glory
"i wake up with a new bone every morning"
by o'doyle February 16, 2004
when a chcik is giving u head it ur wang goes so far down she throws up
smief had a long island johnson dipper with willam h masey
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
when ur smoking a cigar while giving head!
AZAR had a swisher sweet wet with meat on hhis dad
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
n. The rare combination of New York Jew and Japanese. With many Jewpanese there is a little Philipino mixed in as well, considering the fact that there are large populations of Jews and Philipinos in New York City. In any case, the Jewpanese person is hard to pick out of a crowd, and rarely seen.
I'm pretty sure that Asian-looking fellow was Jewpanese, with his strong New York accent.
by O'Doyle April 09, 2005
its when the guy shits on the girls chest and then cums on the shit. then he mixes it with a vibrating dildo.
Smief mad smores with the dog aka michlle atencio
by O'Doyle November 06, 2004
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