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Sites providing unlicensed access to streaming high definition porn of any genre of niche legal or otherwise. While there is no immediate out of pocket expense this is "free" in the NOT-free sense, much like adware, luring viewers of advertisements anddrive by malware while providing access to video players. By the time most users become security savvy they are no longer porn consumers.

well before there was porn 3.0 there was nzb.

unchaste interweb use
Only an idiot pays for porn in the Porn 3.0 age.

Rare are the security savvy porn 3.0 viewers. Fewer still view porn 3.0 from a hardened workstation. Better yet is fetching via nzb.

contrary to popular belief using porn 3.0 does not merely relieve sexual tension: it habituates the user to immediate gratification and fans the flames of concupiscence magnifying the yearning for coed sexual activities: hj, bj, fucking her ass, vaginal sex. Combined with female "contraception" (potential abortifacient) frequently copulating (and more so with multiple female coitus partners) increases the likelihood of temporary fatherhood -- conceiving new child, chemically murdered without notice.
by nzb savvy September 23, 2012

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