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A real patriot and a very valuable contributor to the information leading up to the complete NWO take over. Would probably grow like a rash if his personality weren't so abrasive to some people, although I have to admit, he could be a bit nicer to the callers on his show.

Another person Wikipedia can't get the middle name right on. Hint: Emeric
Some guy on YouTube: "Alex Jones is a Zionist shill! the Jews did it! It's all the Jews fault! Alex doesn't Jew bash enough!"
I: "Yeah unfortunate isn't it? Although it would help make your point if every frickin' video you make about him didn't take his words out of context.
Some guy on YouTube: "You're just some dysinfo cia agent!"
I: "You forgot to mention Jewish."
by nwodetox July 31, 2009
A paint-by-numbers developer for the iPhone and iPod touch. Spends more time creating 10-20 different versions of "iMafia" and less time making sure their apps perform well, don't freeze, and go out of sync with the server. The epitome of quantity over quality.

Nothing original becomes of this company. The squandered "talent" (using the term loosely) of the developers is used to make something already made again and again (like Mafia Wars/Mobsters games). They create different iterations of said game ad-nauseum, including, but not limited to iPirates, Race Wars, Vampires, Ninjas, Wizards, and Heroes. All the same exact game play save different names and terminology. Be advised that if you are considering working for this company, your initiation may include burning an iPhone in effigy and programming another version of iMafia.
PlayMesh has a lot of games in the iTunes store that all do the same thing: crash, run poorly when they're not crashing, and behave exactly like iMafia if you were paying attention.
by nwodetox December 16, 2009

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