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the art of putting a kitten and a puppy in a blender. then pouring the concoction into a 7 year old's rectum, and pour it in. then finding Taiwanese hooker to sacrifice one of a newborn children and feed it to the 7 year old child. then shove a long stick into the 7 year old's anus and pushing the mixture into its stomach. after the child is full of the kitten, puppy, and baby; have sex with him missionary style (in order to be sure that the mixture is properly stirred up). then take a razor blade and cut him open and have intercourse with his innards. Finally feeding the smoothie of blood, semen, kitten, puppy, feces and vomit to the hooker.
the product of when four demented children get together. Kitten surprise.
by Nurse Jenny June 07, 2012
one's cock and/or balls, especially when chaffed and swollen
please pad my rabbit's nest!!
by nurse jenny July 18, 2006

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