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Riker's Island, a New York City jail that is, conveniently, also an island in the Long Island Sound, is home to 14,000 inmates. Because the jail conditions are over-crowded and inmates are harshly treated by the Corrections Officers, many convicts who have been sent there liken it to a slave boat, once popular during the New World's robust slave trade.
Convict 1: Yo putting me here for sleepin on the subway is bullshit. My PO will be pissed when he hears I been busted.
Convict 2: I here for K2 possession - fuck that! K2 ain't illegal!
Convict 1: I ain't going back to The Boat for this! I was just sleepin.
#boat #jail #rikers #prison #rikers island
by nun that January 16, 2012
When asian whore fucks your limp dick. She opens her legs like shes about to pee but her ching chong sucks onto your soft phallus and wiggles it.
Man: while on business in bangkok i was lost in pattaya when in a public urinal a prostitute forced her Chinese Cheeks on my cock.
Women: your kidding right?
Man: No. i didn't pay her.
#fucking asian ass #geisha blowjob #limp dick #chineez ckeekz #bangkok
by nun that October 24, 2009
When a woman wears a halter top during sex, and at the moment her man is about to climax, she whips the top down exposing her funbags and lets her man bust a nut all over them.
Man: keep that top on. I wanna dutch treat.
Woman: feel free to rip it off when you're gonna bust.
Man: Oh god! Show me your tits now!
Woman (pulling down top): nice shot!
#pearl necklace #dutch treet #tit fuck #cum #titties
by nun that November 02, 2010
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