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5 definitions by numchuck bitch

One of the best actors ever. Fantastic in Blow & in Ed Wood. Also, he's super hot.
Johnny Depp lives in France, & is the best actor out there.
by numchuck bitch July 29, 2003
1739 476
the coolest guy ever. died in 1997, his music lives on
Jeff Buckley kicks ass
by numchuck bitch July 28, 2003
339 47
Billy Corgan is the coolest guy ever.. well back when he was in the Smashing Pumpkins.
Billy Corgan can play a mean guitar
by numchuck bitch July 30, 2003
204 59
A brilliant, talented, wonderful song writer & an amazing guitar player. His music will never be forgotten, and Nirvana is still popular, 9 years after his death.
Kurt Cobain is a rock-god.
by numchuck bitch July 28, 2003
84 45
Common used word in Pepperann
That dress is so framzy
by numchuck bitch July 28, 2003
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