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This colloquialism was coined by the infamous linguist, Luke Thornton. In the late nineteenth century he was a much prestiged Professor of Anatomy and Weight Training at WCC (Westchester Community College). This term is a combination of the words 'broad' and 'cowlick', which originated from his anecdote about how his shoulder muscles broadened dramatically as a result of constant brushing of his cowlick.
This word has become increasingly popular amoung high school students, who like to bellow it after making a particulary impressive play in physical education class. In fact, its popularity has increased so much, that it is even used to describe sucesses having nothing to do with physical education, such as sucesses in Beer Pong, Video Games, rolling blunts and Golf.
"Mr. McCann thinks he's brolick, but truthfully he's just a whack ho"
by notorious lkp April 30, 2006

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