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1 definition by notaghettoperson

How black people talk online, either on forums or instant messaging programs. It is commonly seen in the form of stupid ghetto dialect spelled out phonetically and with an obvious lack of any sort of punctuation, but is sometimes mixed with normal 1337 speak to form an even more impressive display of stupidity.

(nigga 1337 on a forum, each line a separate post)

Ghetto person 1: ay niccas i kno u kno wut5 reel dem bl00dz repin al ova du plac u bess kno wuts good 4 yuh blllllatttt

Ghetto person 2: ay nicca fuk yo 5hit dat wak bluds ain repin 5hit it duh cr1pz flyin duh blu i c u ima kil yo ass black ass nicca

by notaghettoperson December 09, 2006