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some poser wanna bes that have interest in a store at a mall called "hot topic" due to the darkness of the lights and how the lights don't hurt their corneas(funny part of the eye). They do it because they say they want to be unique, these type of goths can be reconised by their:
1. Chains wrapped around certain parts of the body(usually the crotch and the breast)

2. Outrageous hairstyles, these include: mohawks longer than 7 inches, 75% of their hair shaven off(with the other 25% hanging on the one sideusually the front right side), extreme hair color(pink with black, red with black, etc.), or the whole head shaven in random areas of the head.

3. wear a lot of black, band t-shirts, levi's dipped in black dye, then having the sleeves torn off(they usually use knives, due to their weakness powered by their misery), Converse high tops with misc. patches, tears, and pins placed in certain parts of the shoe. write band names all over their backpacks, hands, and clothing...to be continued.

4. Like to wear black make-up and nail polish.

5. listen to junky music(not all of them are that bad though).

6. Pretend to commit suicide.

to be continued in volume two.
Ben: hahaha, look at those mall goths waiting outside of hot topic, just waiting for someone to notice them!!

*mall goth looks up, and tries to spit in his eye*

Ben: haha, sucker.
by not so uber September 27, 2005

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