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tallahassee is the capital of florida, and also doubles as the most disgusting piece shit anyone could ever encounter. the people are either ghetto black people, white rednecks, or rich white rednecks who think they are classy. the weather is hot and humid, and the winter is just bitter cold because of the whore humidity. there is nothing to do for fun except drink, smoke, go to the mall, go "muddin'", or hunt.. FOR GOD's SAKE!. you will never meet trash until you come here. there is an obsession over football. northerners are still are "yankees", even though the civil was ended almost 200 years ago. the people here are so fake you wont know what hit you, OH YEAH the figgin drunk drivers. UBER CHRISTIAN BAPTISTS WHO ACTUALLY THINK people will actually go to hell. fat ass hicks live here, never come....youve been warned.
tallahassee talk-
hunter: yeah let's go hunnin' (hunting)
casey: dude ill bring my camo (camoflague)
hunter: i purposly ran over that possum today, you shouldve seen the guts man, come over and we'll drink trash beer and party with my church youth group!
by northwhore September 21, 2005

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