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The term given to the noises that the inner-city, worthless, pieces of shite that have passing resemblance to homo sapiens, make when attempting to communicate with each other. Given that these living abortions have no grey matter to start with, it is a fuckin miracle that they can even make noises.

Warning, when a chav emits a loud noise in your direction it would possibly indicate it has seen you and it is gearing up to attack. In this case, I would advise doing the gene-pool a favour and blowing its fuckin head off. If you don't happen to have a 12-bore to hand, I recommend running. If you happen to be in charge of a vehicle.... well you know what the right thing is that needs to be done.
Chav scum: "grunt, ugg oog, oh-oh , innit"

Normal human: "Oh I'm sorry, is that chav speech you are making?"

by normal thinker February 11, 2008
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