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Camryn is smart and totally funny. He's also a drummer. He's cute but he'll never ever think he is. He has an amazing girlfriend and amazing friends. He's an amazing boyfriend, so girls, don't let a Camryn go. He's shy and quiet most of the time, but when he does talk to people, it's usually important.the sweet sensitive type. down for anything. stoner. lots of friends, unconditional love for his girl. SEXY! brown hair brown eyes. video game champ, cant help but love him, only people who dont like camryn are jealous fags and girls hes dumped. And not to mention, has a big dick. Puts other people before himself. An amazing guy. One of the best anyone could know. It is recommended you should meet him but then you might start liking him as much as other people do.

i love camryn :)
by nonononono(: November 07, 2010

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