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1) in other words any way
2) word mentioned in "end of tge world" flash toon
hokay so basically we've got
China France India Israel Pakistan Russia the UK and US. with nukes.
we've got about 26 hundred more than anybody else, whatever. "hanyway"
one day we decides those Chinese sons of a bitches are going down.
by none85 April 24, 2005
believe it or not, they are the best shoose sneeckers or whatever you call them (footware) ever!!!!
no dobts
dude 1:hay dude cool converses!
dude 2:thaks.
by none85 April 24, 2005
Is a Google mirror of sorts, which has its links written in the basic Language of L33t
Acces of google haxor fallows:

1) go to regular google
2) wright google jaxor
3) click im feeling lucky... boom your their
by none85 July 06, 2005
1) a woman who get F---ed in the ass, similar to asshole.
2) someone whose a hore and really anoying.

also "asshore"
1) you fucking ass hore.

2) your such an ass hore.

the suzy is really an ass hore.
by none85 April 22, 2005
NEDM Stands for "Not Even Doom Music". This word started from a site called YTMND. When a YTMND user found a forum were a German guy was posting a link to a man burning his cat alive. someone commented that the video "didn't even include doom music". the guy who posted this animal cruelty video is now arrested and all but one video site remains.
That guy who burnt his cat didn't NEDM it. That guy is a total baster how could he even do that to cat. That shit fuck can go burn in hell.
by none85 May 16, 2006

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