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1. He is NOT in a punk band.

2. He has nice teeth.

3. Has a crush on Sarah Baker.

4. He's a "Nicey-Nice."

5. Knows "the move."

6. He's in Symphony (the school orchestra, in case you didn't know)

7.Sarah Baker stole make-up for him

8. Can Knee-board with Calvin.

9. An honor student.

10. Has like 7 siblings.
Bobby: I'm going out with your daughter tonight.

Mr.Arterbery: Do you play any instruments?

Bobby: Yea, drumsss

Mr.Arterbery: Oh. So you're in of of those punk bands?

Bobby: No(laughs). Symphony, you know school orchestra?

Mr.Arterbery: All those drums must get you behind in school

Bobby: Oh well, you know Im an honor student...

What an Elliott Murtaugh.
by none yo business August 31, 2008

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