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If some1 does something extremely stupid, or hypocritical, they can be said to have done a, or been rock solid.

The meaning of why you say "rock solid" is left to interpretation, it's funny any possible way.
person talks about something and is completely wrong in every way. you can then say "rock solid" indicating they are dumb/stupid.
by non-rock solid October 09, 2006
An Anti-Jihad is a battle fought against terrorism.
Suicide bombers in Iraq in cars drive into a US outpost. US soldiers retaliate and kill numerous terrorists. "man our Anti-Jihad is really owning those terrorists" "yeah just wait till the Spectre comes around for a second pass"
by non-rock solid November 19, 2006
a nerd homie. Someone who is a nerd and a homie.
When the school nerds have a bigger, tougher group than any other "jock" group, they become nermies. tough guys who also play video games.
by non-rock solid March 15, 2007
a person who is a pedophile, and is convicted but gets away with it.
A Teacher touches students, is taken to court but is acquitted and then returns to work. Students in class say 'watch out for the hedophile' to warn others.
by non-rock solid November 19, 2006
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