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a shot of tequila. no lemon or salt or nuthin. just tequila ya pussy.

FUUUUCK!!!! you gotta growl it out.

a key ingredient to a SKULLFUCK, which also has jagermeister in it.
-let's get some FUCKs into us
-Who wants a fuck
-yeah, i love FUCKs
-jesus H christ, i'm FUCKed. let's have another one
-man, that's a good FUCK
-quit your yapping and pour me a FUCK already

GUY 1: got any snortskies
GUY 2: bahhhaaha SNORTSKIES, nah, but i've gotta a bottle of fuck
GUY 1: FUCKs, i haven't had a FUCk since this morning. where the FUCK is it?
by nolte July 13, 2008
SKULLFUCKS will get ya FUCKED. best ordered in durty guttural voice.

Jagërmeister, Tequila, splash of lemonade and a grape.

if you don't have any jaeger, then you can just have a FUCK instead. theyr pretty good too.
-Oi, let's go get some SKULLFUCKSSSSSSS!!!
-i love a good skullfuck
-what, no grapes, fuuuck
-áfter we've had these SKULLFUCKS, let's got get some SNORTskies
by nolte July 13, 2008

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