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contrary to popular belief, texas is probably the least racist of states and contains a huge diversity of mexicans,whites and blacks. Our moral qualities are also in fact sterling and to be aspired to, for we rarely condone stupid behaviour like cousins having sex or something of that nature. All i can say for those who don't deserve to reserve an opinion about texas because they haven't been there is that they should come down and experience the serenity that defines texas. I'd also like to comment that george bush is not actually from texas.
reppin ATX and H-town bitches!!! DA BOTTOM!!!
(warning: weather in texas extremely unpredictable)
by nolimitsoldier February 19, 2006
the most kick ass martial arts fighter. Ever. He could kick the shit out of Chuck Norris. His innocence just makes his justice-dealing even more badass. Basically, he's a true G.
O MY GOD!!! Tony Jaa just kneed that guy...IN THE FACE.

P.S. Don't let him do a flying squirrel into you, you'll die a horrible death.
by nolimitsoldier November 12, 2006
George's characteristics of not being able to comprehend the pronunciation of certain words or names, being a woefully bad speaker in general, making the rich get richer, and not knowing shit about politics in no way reflects upon the personality or ingenuity of texas. (By the way, other nations would be laughing at us if we couldn't nuke 'em. Don't know about you, but I'M embarrassed.)
George Bush was born in Connecticut not texas!!! We act just like people from colorado or louisiana!!! We are generally good natured and friendly towards ALL!!!
by nolimitsoldier February 20, 2006

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