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When a large amount of black people suddenly seem to have appeared in one certain area without notice.
Bro, we better leave. There's been a lot of blackumulation.
by noi'mnotracist January 22, 2010
the opposing actuality in relation to/of a black person.
guy1-dude, these shoes are so cheap!
guy2-blacktually, they're really expensive.


carly- mark is so great at sex.
watermelondrea- blacktually, compared to Jahrael, he sucks.
by noi'mnotracist January 22, 2010
When a non-african american is accepted into a predominantly african american gang/group. Most of the time, this is a mexican or asian. Rarely white. Never a jew or indian.
john-hey, what's jose doing hanging with those bloods?

kyle-you didn't hear? Jose got blackcepted last Wednesday
by noi'mnotracist January 22, 2010

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