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Simply Put, Shantel is the most amazing person you could ever hope to know, let alone love, It takes a special type of man to win her love and affection, because a Shantel has Characteristics that no other species seems to express, She is Warm, affectionate, funny, loves to smile, can do anything the roughest, toughest cowboys can do.., yet she is the most beautiful individual in all of the human race, beautiful blonde hair that is like silk to the touch, green eyes deeper than the Mariana Trench, and more flowing curves than East Fairview Road ;) and a complexion more beautiful than any sunset you can imagine, on the flip side, she can be Cold and hateful when angered, a little insecure on occasion and if she ever says anything out of anger it is bound to rip your soul into shreds.. she is complicated, but the good far out weighs the bad, and when you win her love, she is faithful and will love you for life.. simply put, the most wonderful thing god ever created.
the original Shantel.

No one compares to Shantel
by noahbgood May 21, 2011

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