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1 definition by noah ben yitsahk

ok some people are a little confused, so im gunna try to set the record as strait as i can.

one, the word is goy, goyem is plural, and it does not mean gentile it means non-jew. Also Uncle is wrong, the laungeg was not invented by the khazars (present day khazakstan) it is though a mixture of Middle German and Hebrew. It is also not used by any broad group of people but some people sill do speak it. It is also quite fun for insalting people. Also it is not common with the torah at all! infact it never shows up in the torah seeing as there were no jews in germany yet so how could the laungegs be commbied? yeah so if im wrong o well but i am allmost positive this is all true info.

please excuse my spelling
im no goy, and yiddish is fun to swear at people in, partly because they will just be damn connfused and it sounds cool
by noah ben yitsahk August 27, 2005
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