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1 definition by noah's lucky girl :)

Noah is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. you can share all of your secrets with him, and he will be flattered by it and in return will tell you all about himself. that is why you will have a great relationship. you can trust him 100%. he has pretty brown eyes and adorable freckles. he has an amazing taste in music. he will make you feel special and beautiful and will never let you down, or let anyone hurt you, because he cares about you too much. a noah is a great person to have around. he is not fake and is, not to mention, hilariously perverted and has quite strange friends, who eventually you will get used to. he has strong, powerful emotions. <3
noah, you are indescribably amazing! i miss you a lot.
by noah's lucky girl :) August 09, 2011