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The coolest, silly girl you will ever meet. Witty, intelligent and humorous as well. She is beautiful from the inside and out and she be all crazy up in hea. A very loquacious person and loves to share her stories. A shorter form of this name is "Anna-Mmm-kaye". This abbreviated name can also be used as a term for confirmation. By simply adding an "O" after this name can also mean knock out.
Annakaye: Hey, don't forget to bring your phone with you.
Me: Anna-MMMM-kaye.

You've been AnnaK-O'd!
by No Wai October 17, 2013
A educational landmark where random people collaborate to discuss issues of no specific topic and use our hub to play basketball/soccer. Also happens to be surrounded by trees and asians.
#1 - This hub doesn't exist, you are just imagining it.
On Griffith 'hub'
girl-1: omg... toby's fallen asleep on my bed...
boy-1: rape him while he isn't looking?
girl-1: no, i'm not that mean...
boy-2: girl-1 - at least draw a cock on his face then take a photo
girl-1: the room is too dark though...
boy-2: its not that hard 2 draw a cock
boy-2: just trace yours
by no wai August 29, 2006

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