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Nirvana is, like it or not, one if not the greatest and most influential bands of all time. To those who disagree, firstly listen to them, and feel the awesome power of Kurts uncanny knack for writing powerful and meaningful songs. listen to how his vocals change from smooth, to screeching in an instant. listen to the hook in the music of the song, especially the underlying bass (provided by krist novoselic. Then listen to some of the earlier acoustic songs (e.g early acoustic of lithium, and then final produced product) and see how kurt started out with a great song, and made it superb. after listening then do some resaerch into how nirvana changed the face of music for the better.

Kurt and good music went hand in hand. it was impossible for him to write something that turned out crap. Nirvanas lesser known and unrecorded music was/is better than most music made. And is definitely better than rap/pop/poppunk/talentless sonwriters/radio is gay.

Listen to nirvana and then you may too have eternal happiness. It is then end Nothing cannot be anything better than nirvana, and those who enjoy crpa music just cant undertand that.

To those who know of nirvanas greatness. continue to listen.
Anuerysm is one of nirvanas greatest songs yet it does not make their best of album. why is this so? because every nirvana song is a musical masterpiece and a gem.

Floyd the barber is highly underrated, if ur a fan dpnt miss out on it
by nirvana is March 01, 2005
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